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Private minibus and coach tours of UK

Bespoke Tours

Custom tours with experienced drivers to make your group trip a memory you will never forget. We offer a unique service which caters for short tours as well as UK wide longer private coach and minibus tours. Plan your tour with our experienced tour advisors to make the most out of your days.

Tour London

London, a capital boasting a population of 8.6 million citizens speaking an astonishing 300 languages amongst themselves, is the largest metropolis in the EU. There is simply no place in the world like such, with a vibrant and buzzing personality formed by the iconic landmarks, centuries-old architecture, latest fashion trends, art and food scenes, the City embraces a cluster of cultures and has a lot on offer.

Be it your first visit or a returning trip of many, London is like a Pandora of surprises constantly changing with something new to offer just waiting to be discovered in our unique London day tours. We specialise in providing tours around the capital and offer chauffeur services across a fleet of standard and executive minibuses.

How our packages tailored for you?

We offer extremely competitive packages on our tours without compromise on the quality of service. The day begins collecting passengers from their doorstep and dropping them off to their chosen destination, without them needing to break sweat. We believe there should be a personality and colour to all journeys, especially day trips! hence why all our minibuses come with a carefully selected, genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable driver who brings great character and a feeling of adventure to the journey. Possessing a wealth of experience our minibus drivers have a passion and love for British heritage, history and culture.

We promise safe and comfortable travel

All our minibuses are fitted with air conditioning enabling our passengers to have a relaxing journey as they travel about the bustle of London. We ensure a safe and comfortable journey as all our minibus safety restraints are tested before any from our fleet embark upon a journey.

What activities does London offer?

Our specially tailored packages enable you to get the most out of the city of the city visiting landmarks including St. Paul’s Cathedral, London’s Eye and the Tower of London. If you fancy yourself a shopping trip, our drivers can drop you off at the world famous department store, Harrods. Alternatively, if you want an experience of the traditional UK high streets then maybe a trip down to Oxford Street is well worth a thought as your eyes digest a combination of UK and international fashion on offer.

Our London tours also offer passengers the opportunity to take in the beauty of an indoor Aquarium (nearby to the well-known River Thames), take a Warner Bros. Studio tour or visit the theatre and watch musicals including the well-celebrated Lion King. London has a lot to offer, making the most of the trip means planning, hence why we cut out the headache of planning and heart-throb of you missing out on amazing opportunities simply due to a lack of background knowledge. So plan your visit with us and embrace London and experience it in a way you’ll never imagine possible.

UK Tours

The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. Maybe small on the map, but the islands certainly pack a punch in entertaining the thousands upon thousands who come over and visit the many monuments and attractions the country has on offer. With so much on offer and often so little time to explore, many visitors to the UK come to us and plan their perfect tour with our unbeatable minibus services accompanied with a knowledgeable and experienced driver.

Across Britannia

If you are looking for an executive tour to leave a lasting impression on business partners and colleagues, or a tourist on a mission to embrace the beauties and great wonders the country has on display, we can provide the perfect trip to cater for your needs. A day, a week or even a month of touring, we will be there with you from start to finish. York Minster, Warwick Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, Hadrian’s wall, the Lake District, Durham Cathedral, Windsor Castle, all the names you can remember and more are on offer with our fleet of executive and standard minibuses. So if you decide to cover the north or the south, east or the west, every landmark and attraction you can think of we can make the visit possible.

Executive Touring

Although we offer high-quality standard minibuses, most of our passengers opt to treat themselves to a trip on one of our executive options. Our executive minibuses can cater for 7 to 16 passengers and all come with fully functioning air conditioning ensuring that you have a pleasant and relaxing journey. All our minibuses are safety checked and we ensure that passengers receive an exceptional service at the best rate available.

With our hospitable and extremely helpful drivers, you will get an appreciation for the great history and culture of the United Kingdom as they highlight passing monuments and landmarks of significant interest. So booking a minibus with us doesn’t extend to luxury and style only, but goes beyond this boundary as our drivers pursue an interest in making sure that you get the most out of the journey.

Tailored Trips

From theme parks to Cathedrals, from places to eat to places to sleep the United Kingdom certainly has versatility in the many activities on offer for different personalities. Of course finding the best activities and places to stay means researching and planning prior to visiting the UK. However, planning with our friendly and helpful team of operators can make life a lot easier, be it a corporate trip or simply one of leisure it would certainly become one to treasure. So whether you are a returning visitor or seeing the UK for the first time, with our legion of executive and standard minibuses you are guaranteed a unique and fantastic experience.