Days Out


Day Out at Bournemouth Beach

Recently voted amongst the top ten beaches in the UK, the coastal town of Bournemouth is an excellent holiday destination for the summer. The golden seven-mile stretch of beach and lovely parks and gardens provides a scenic and adventurous break for holiday makers, an excellent excursion from a busy life, providing the perfect time-out.

For a number of years we have provided minibus services travelling to the cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth and as the years pass by the choice of attractions only increase. If you see yourself as an adventurous individual then the likes of ‘Alum Chine Gardens’, ‘Boscombe Pier’ or ‘Terracotta Warriors Museum’ may tickle your fancy. Alternatively, if you have a passion for heights then a visit to the ‘East Cliff Lift’ is an opportunity not go amiss or if you want to experience something modern and new checkout the UK’s first 6D Cinema and take the Cinema experience to a whole new level. All in all, Bournemouth provides a unique break and memorable individual, couple or group experience.

We provide private group packages to Bournemouth at a competitive rate. Our packages are tailored to meet the requirements of our passengers whether they choose to visit the town for a day or over a longer period. We have a wide range of minibuses available in our fleet which includes a combination of standard and executive minibuses. All our minibuses come with an experienced driver and are safety checked to ensure that they have the correct, functioning safety restraints. A comfortable, safe and enjoyable journey is of paramount importance to us hence why all our minibuses have air conditioning and from our executive fleet, minibuses come with entertainment systems.

The coastal town of Bournemouth has a lot of activities on offer. If you wish to play mini golf, attempt rock climbing, go on a jet-ski safari or tour of Dorset, our minibus drivers are at hand to help you to maximise the experience.

A trip to the coast of course isn’t complete without taking away a memorabilia to remember the visit. We understand the importance of treasuring special occasions hence why we try our upmost best to provide our customers with a personalised experience. Our team are at hand to plan a trip to all holiday attractions and share local knowledge as well as experience in providing passengers with the ultimate experience. An experience which extends beyond just the journey to and from the coast.


Day Out in Brighton

Brighton is an iconic tourist attraction which attracts around 8 million people from within the UK and outside each year. The city is next to the coast and has the usual ingredients found in a seaside town- a beach, fish & chips stands, amusement arcades and a pier. The attractions don’t end there as the city also hosts Britain’s oldest operating aquarium and has beautiful villages such as Kemp Town.

With 98 parks, six of which have the Green Flag award, and shopping areas such as Brighton Marina or Churchill Square Mall it is easy to say that on your visit you’ll grow tired ploughing through the countless attractions on offer and it’s an unimaginable possibility that boredom can even kick in as the city accommodates for all sorts of interests.

After a long day it’s only right to treat yourself to a lavish meal in one of Brighton’s most celebrated restaurants. Our drivers are able to help pick from the best names including ‘The Restaurant at Drake’s’ (9 Times in a row awarded Michelin Star), or a meal at ‘The Terraces Bar & Grill’ overlooking panoramic views.

Visit Brighton with us and we will ensure that you have a fully immersive trip and are enabled to explore and appreciate the rich heritage of the historic city.

Minibus to Brighton

We take many groups to Brighton each year, an excellent family destination with so much on offer. Our minibus hire with driver packages are extremely competitive and tailored to meet your requirements as we plan with you to help ensure that you can make the most of your visit. Travelling with us, all our passengers are promised an invaluable experience as they travel in the comfort of our minibuses. Moreover, all our minibuses across our standard and executive fleet are regularly checked, fitted with all the necessary extras and come with an option of air condition ensuring that passengers travel in comfort on those scorching summer days.

All our minibuses come with an experienced minibus driver who has excellent knowledge of local roads, taking you on a scenic route with an interesting factual guide of many iconic landmarks along the way.

Once the day ends and you need to kick your feet up and relax our minibus driver will take you to your hotel and help you offload and see to it that you settle in. Unlike other minibus companies, we provide private group packages meaning that our drivers are able to stay with you throughout the trip making it easier to travel around Brighton and keep as a group.


Visit Southend-on-Sea

Southend-On-Sea is a town which boasts a beautiful shore and so much more. With different types of beaches to explore and a series of attractions to visit, the holiday destination provides visitors with an excellent experience and leaves so many spoilt for choice as there is so much on offer.

Attractions include a mini golf course and ‘adventure island’, both of which are excellent family activities. Also, there are museums in central parts of the town which allow tourists to explore local heritage and history. In addition to this, the coastal area accommodates an arcade and splash fountains which are perfect for youngsters.

Our experienced minibus drivers have visited Southend-On-Sea on countless occasions with groups on day trips or extended visits. The holiday destination is one which hundreds of people choose to visit yearly with us and a town which we have become accustomed to through our countless visits. We provide group packages to the town which are tailored to meet the requirements of our customers, ensuring that they are able to maximise their experience and make the most of the trip whilst visiting key attractions scattered around town.

Safety and comfort is an integral part of our service hence why all our minibus safety restraints are checked frequently. Our fleet consists of standard and executive minibuses which have air conditioning and spacious seating for passengers.

Within Southend-on-Sea there are several parks and gardens to visit whilst embracing the fresh coastal air of the area. In addition to this, there are gyms and fitness facilities within the locality, perfect for gym-freaks and those looking to work on their fitness. Although Southend is a family destination, it doesn’t necessitate that its exclusive of nightlife destinations. Let your hair down and kids or not, be sure to pay a visit to the countless nightclubs, bars and casinos on offer along the coast.

With so much on offer it would be wasteful to not plan properly prior to visiting Southend. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds to plan for such a trip, especially since there is so much on offer to choose from. Hence why our services don’t stop at minibus transportation but extend to a supportive team who are happy to help you plan your break as they share knowledge of the locality and offer their help in ensuring that you don’t miss out on visiting key attractions and historical monuments.